Simulation & Analytical Calculation

Simulation and Analysis:
  • MBS vibration analysis (dynamic systems, Test-bench analysis/optimization) MBS=MultiBodySimulation
  • Coupled MBS-/Control management
  • EHD sliding film calculation (slider bearing)
  • Strength calculation (static, durability, also non-linear, calculation of spin speeds)
  • Lubrication design and simulation
  • Development of control systems
  • Dynamical power flow analysis
Analytical and numerical Calculation – Gearbox development (according to ISO, DIN, API, etc.):
  • Gear calculation (spur gear, planetary gear, rolling bearing, slider bearing, shaft, shaft-hub connection, etc.)
  • Gear meshing contact calculation (optimization of gearing microgeometry with consideration of dynamic system behaviour and customized manufacturing quality).
  • Consideration of customer´s specific manufacturing know-how/possibilities already in development phase.
  • FEM structure calculation (static, transient)
  • FEM thermal analysis (static, transient)
  • CFD analysis
  • Coupled structure-thermal, structure-CFD Analysis