Electrical & Mechanical Design

Electrical Deisign:

Electrical Engineering Planning (New System and Modernization of the Existing System)
  • Customer requirement analysis (together with the customer)
  • Detailed electrical planning
    • Preparation of necessary calculation (safety elements, cables, etc.)
    • Preparation of risk assessment according to the voltage guideline.
    • Generation of E-plans (circuit diagram, cable plan, terminal diagram, etc.)
  • Detailed mechanical planning
    • Planning and construction of the energy and control cabinets
    • Generating manufacturing documents
  • Parts lists (electrical and mechanical components)
  • Preparation of standard system documents (installation and service manual, etc.)
  • Supervision of manufacturing and testing
  • Monitoring of assembly process
  • Support during commissioning
  • Customer training


Mechanical Design:

Concept Development:
  • Development of 3D concept according to the customer’s specification
  • Development of new and innovative solutions
  • Preparation of inquiry documents (drawings und parts list)
  • Costumer coordination for cost validation of concept
  • Installation space (“footprint”) investigation
3D and 2D Modeling:
  • 3D Modeling in Autodesk INVENTOR
    • Generating construction and manufacturing specifications for mechanical components
    • Coordination with manufacturing suppliers
    • Document preparation for the documentation
    • Preparation of parts lists
  • KISSsoft / INVENTOR Data integration of tooth profiles and corresponding drawing creation.
  • Cast housing
    • 3D modelling and creation of the raw-parts and manufacturing drawings
    • Supplier support (foundry company) and final inspection
    • SET internal housing measurement (FARO measuring system)
  • Welded housing
    • 3D modelling and manufacturing drawings
    • Preparation the required datasheets
    • Definition of weld seams
    • Generating the required machining drawings
    • Supplier support and final inspection