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SET Sustainable Energy Technologies GmbH

SET is the leading technology company in the development and industrialisation of electro-mechanical variable-speed gearboxes for efficient speed control of e.g. large pumps and compressors in the business areas of energy, oil&gas and industry.

Our vision is to revolutionise the drive technology market with our highly efficient and state-of-the-art SETCON drives. Based on 35 years of experience in the development of industrial drives, we are continuously working to make our contribution to the energy transition and a CO2-reduced energy supply. For us as a company, the ultimate goal is to take a new, modern and sustainable path in drive technology.

The need for low-CO2 energy production has never been greater than now. Especially in the energy industry, enormous amounts of energy are still being wasted and the potential for increasing efficiency is far from being utilized. In order to achieve short-term emission targets and a sustainable energy transition, this important point must be focused at. A true efficiency revolution is needed and our highly efficient SETCON drives are showing a possible way already.

Many years of experience in the development, production and testing of drives make SET a reliable global industrial partner. Our company’s strength lies especially in the company internal symbiosis of electronics, mechanics, calculation and automation, which appears in the high quality and reliability of our products.


SUCCESS STORY from 1986 to this day

Gerald Hehenberger, founder and CEO of SET GmbH, has consistently played a leading role in system development over the past 30 years. Right from the very beginning of the wind industry he has been among the pioneers in developing new technologies for drive Systems.

The evolutionary path started in the mid-eighties with the development of one of the first 600 kW variable-speed, pitch-controlled turbines, followed by doubly-fed induction-generator systems in the mid-nineties, and multi-megawatt offshore WECs in the early years of this century. With SETCON® for industry and DSgen-set® for wind energy, he has taken SET GmbH to a level that sets new standards in drive technology.


DI Gerald Hehenberger

Owner and founder of SET GmbH and GHP Holding GmbH