– Overloads at DFIG Systems?

                                                               No Problem with SET-Brake.

SET-Brake is a wear-free eddy current brake designed to reduce the dimensional loads of your WEC.  Furthermore, in case of an overload or voltage drop (e.g. LVRT), the eddy current brake creates two strong electromagnetic fields that oppose each other and keeps up the required torque on the main shaft. The fast response time and the good controllability of SET-Brake lead to an increase of the availability and service life of the WEC.

Why SET-Brake?
  • Lower loads on WEC -> e.g. sleeker tower and blade design
  • Increased life time of main components
  • Better controllability of the whole WEC -> higher annual return
  • Support of rotor blade upgrade (retrofit projects)
  • Lower requirements on the pitch-system
  • Technical simple and robust
  • Easy integration into existing WEC
  • Maintenance and wear-free
  • Cost efficient
Technical Data:
  • Field of application WEC: DSgen-set® and DFIG
  • Operation mode: S3 – periodic intermittent operation (EN60034-1)
  • Max. braking torque (Mmax): scalable up to 20kNm
  • Max. response time (until Mmax): t= 50ms
  • Load reduction: up to 20% of various main components
  • Additional field of application: Industry test bench
  • Operation mode: S1 – continous operation (EN60034-1)

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