Test Labs for E-Motors and Gearboxes

Test lab development, design, construction and automation, specially tailored to your needs.

R&D, lifetime and end-of-line test labs for Electric Motors and Gearboxes

By developing, designing and operating our own R&D test labs (test benches) for our products, we have a deep application know-how and offer a wide range of development solutions – from test labs with a “single” test specimen to test labs with a “back-to-back” configurations. In this connection, the realized loads or load spectra are ranging from of a few kilowatts up to several megawatts.

Test lab development for Motors and Gearboxes

3 MW test lab set-up

Furthermore, the conception of the modular test lab development as well as the requirements of the measuring system and the actuators starts with the collection of the test scopes and the expected results together with the customer.  In addition, measurement accuracy, reproducibility of measurement results, safety and ergonomics are matched to the individual operating environments.

The monitoring and control of the test lab is realized with a standard PLC. However, this makes it possible for our software engineers to integrate the automation of the test lab into existing systems.

We offer our customers:
  • Preparation of the test specification together with customer, taking into account all relevant standards

    2.5 MW test lab set-up

  • E-motor and gearbox test labs for R&D, lifetime, or end-of-line testingComplete test labdevelopmentof E-motor or gearbox test labs, from a few kW up to several MW
  • Specification and delivery of main components (such as drive and load machine, FCs, measuring system, etc.)
  • Complete automation of test lab regarding customer specification
and furthermore…
  • Design and multi-body simulations of the foundation with regard to vibration measurement
  • Dimensioning and simulation of test voltage supply systems (e.g. MV 10 kV)
  • Complete test lab monitoring and control incl. HMI

    E motor testing in Austria

    2 MW test lab set-up

  • Measurement systems for: Electrical power (power analyser), Speed and torque, Vibration (housing, shaft vibrations), Sound pressure and sound intensity and for many more
  • Measurement uncertainty calculations
  • Mechanical auxiliary systems for test lab and testfield (e.g. lubrication and cooling systems)
  • On-site commissioning and training
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